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There are a few key things to consider when it comes to writing a will. They include:


This is the person or people appointed to safeguard an individual’s possessions, pay their debts and ensure the instructions in the will are carried out. An Executor can be anyone over 18 years of age, even if they are a beneficiary of the will. People who are leaving everything to one person usually make them the only Executor out of convenience. With more complicated estates, and where children are involved, we advise appointing at least two Executors. In some cases, it may even be preferable to appoint a professional Executor such as a solicitor or a bank.


When children under the age of 18, or those with specific health or mental issues, a will can be used to appoint a Guardian in the event of the loss of a parent. This tends to only come into effect if the child or children’s other parent has also passed away. The will and naming of a Guardian can lay out details of a child’s future day-to-day care, as well as information about any trust fund which has been made available to help with expenditure.

Funeral Arrangements

A will can be used to specify a person’s wishes concerning their funeral arrangements, including whether they want their body to be buried or cremated and if they are willing for their body to be used for medical research.

What happens if I die without a will?

Someone who dies without having made a will, dies ‘Intestate’, meaning their estate is distributed according to the rules set by law. These rules do not cater to an individual’s specific wishes and can mean a person’s family members may benefit from assets when they wouldn’t ordinarily do so. In some circumstances, the assets of someone who dies without a will may pass to the Crown.

Making a will after COVID-19

Despite the restrictions posed by COVID-19 over the past couple of years, it remained ‘business as usual’ at Adroit. Face to face appointments resumed however we can still help you with your will needs by taking instructions over the telephone or via video link – Zoom,  Teams, Facetime WhatsApp or Skype. Which we have all become accustomed to using!


As a result of the pandemic, our services are more vital than ever. Wills have been pushed to the forefront of people’s minds and yet 60% of the UK population still haven’t got round to arranging their will, and more worryingly, a third of those in retirement haven’t yet formally put pen to paper. 


We are here to make things as stress-free as possible, so please pick up the phone and call us to book your free consultation.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Tragic accidents, out of the blue illnesses, even the global COVID pandemic; they all force us to think about the future. Should a life-changing situation happen which leaves you incapacitated, what will happen to your assets and finances? Which of your loved ones will have the responsibility of managing them? That’s where Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – otherwise known as Power of Attorney in Scotland – comes into play.


An LPA is a legal document that allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you are not able to make them yourself. This person becomes your ‘Attorney’.


Most people believe that an LPA is only relevant for the elderly and that they are too young to make one. However, severe accidents, a stroke, heart attack or cancer can affect you at any age. They may leave you reliant on others to help with crucial decisions, such as how your finances are managed and what type of care you will receive.


An LPA is like an insurance policy; you hope it will never be needed, but if it is, it will provide you and your family invaluable peace of mind.

National Bereavement Service (NBS)

The death of a family member, friend, employee or colleague can be a truly traumatic time; many people simply don’t know what to do when someone dies. NBS will provide practical and legal guidance and support to anyone impacted by loss as clearly and sympathetically as possible, so they know what to do next.  Additionally, it provides practical guidance on the steps you need to take to look after your loved ones, in the event you pass away.


Through a comprehensive suite of online, telephone and face-to-face services, we assist individuals and families through the bereavement process ensuring they are equipped with knowledge on how to manage the legal and financial aspects associated with death.


Probate is the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has died. Typically, this means using the capital locked up within their assets to clear any debts. However, probate can also refer to the process of gaining permission to carry out the wishes of someone’s will – this is called ‘applying for probate’.


We provide all the advice needed to support an individual who is applying for probate, then help them make an informed decision on how to proceed – whether that’s on their own or via a legal channel.


Any employee who chooses to use our paid-for probate service is introduced to one of our specialists in estate administration who will advise on every step of the process, from obtaining a simple ‘Grant of Probate’ to the more complex, contested probate matters.

Conveyancing & Property

Selling a house and moving to somewhere new can be a very stressful time; selling a property comes with several legal obligations and it can take some time for these things to come to fruition. 


Our team of property and conveyancing experts are on hand to make sure house sales are completed as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Conveyancing is the process of preparing the legal documents needed for a property sale, purchase, re-mortgage or lease extension, and transferring ownership of a property.


A conveyancing solicitor will liaise with the Land Registry on an individual’s behalf and will draw up the relevant contracts required during the sale process. They handle the transfer of funds and make sure the legal ownership of the property passes on to the relevant parties. 


A solicitor should be appointed as soon as possible to deal with the conveyancing transaction. 

Family Law

The breakdown of any relationship can bring about high emotions and stressful situations that can make any kind of resolution seem impossible. Whether you’re emerging from the end of a marriage or civil partnership, or there’s a dispute over a partner you lived with, every relationship is different. If you find yourself in need of legal guidance, we’ll provide you with the advice required to achieve a fair outcome, and the support to make this difficult time as easy as possible.


Our Legal Panel is experienced in supporting clients in the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements
  • Sharing of assets
  • Injunctions
  • Custody arrangements
  • Family contact arrangements


Dealing with any form of legal dispute – or litigation – can become a difficult and stressful time in a person’s life. However, with the right lawyer representing you, the process will be made simpler and easier to cope with. Better yet, the right lawyer will also be able to negotiate a favourable outcome for your case.


Whether you are a prospective claimant or a defendant in a case, if you’re in litigation, you’ll require the expertise of an experienced professional to act on your behalf.

Immigration Law

UK immigration law is complex and highly procedural and errors can have serious consequences for individuals’ ability to come to or remain living in the UK.

Our panel firms have significant experience and can advise on securing the right to remain in the UK permanently through Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and settled status as well as becoming a British Citizen.

Our dedicated, specialist immigration solicitors work in partnership with our clients to secure a range of visas, dependent on each individual circumstance.

No matter what you are applying for whether it be a sponsor license or applying for UK entry we have the right immigration solicitors to help you and your family.

All colleagues are entitled to a complimentary 30-minute diagnostic consultation.


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